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Free living
Hungary moves to criminalise the homeless
For the tens of thousands of homeless people in Hungary, these are acts of survival but they could soon be illegal. The Hungarian parliament is currently debating a bill that would allow local municipalities to fine and eventually jail people for living on the streets. The bill, which was proposed by the conservative government, is likely to pass in the first week of October. Activists rip new Hungarian anti-homelessness law
Another political appointee as U.S. ambassador to Hungary?
In the last twenty years all U.S. ambassadors to Hungary were political appointees. In fact, with the exception of the ambassadors appointed immediately after World War I and World War II, career diplomats rarely served as ambassadors in Budapest.
Everything’s Better With Lecsó
Ladle it over eggs, schmear it on toast, braise chicken in it—this silky, smoky pepper stew is Hungary's answer to salsa.
New deal
Hungary's leftist opposition to offer business new deal
Hungary's opposition will offer banks and businesses a "new deal" to gradually reduce special taxes to an average European level in exchange for investments to boost the economy if they win 2014 elections, the leaders of the leftist alliance said.
Diabetic Enjoying Food: HUNGARIAN BEEF GOULASH
I am a type II diabetic who most certainly enjoys food. When I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago, my blood sugar level was over 400. With some oral medications, a lot of research and some trial and error, I have found that unlike my ancestors I truly can continue to enjoy food.
Hungarians Are Unmotivated To Study Foreign Languages
Hungary fares very poorly in foreign language proficiency by comparison to other countries of the European Union. A third of the population doesn’t even think of starting to learn a foreign language.
Apolitical younghood
‘Today’s youth does not do revolution’
"Absolutely apolitical, with very little confidence in democratic institutions but receptive to the mores of their parents who do not want to change the social system, and above all pessimistic:" these are the main features of the portrait of Hungary’s young people, which emerges from a 2012 Kutatópont survey of 8,000 respondents, aged between 15 and 29.
No doubt
Hungary declares war
“Let there be no doubt that 2014 will be the year of the fight for lower household utility bills. I expect there to be strong resistance, attempts will be made to re-increase utility costs. We are going to mobilise against the large, foreign-owned energy service providers and the political powers behind them.  However, we must once and for all bring an end to the era where energy providers can ride roughshod over people. We must therefore pass a utility service law that eliminates profits from the supply of utilities to Hungarian households.” – Viktor Orbán.
No effort
Armenians says Hungary made no effort to resolve friction over Azeri murderer
Over the past year the Hungarian government has made almost no effort to resolve the friction that resulted from the repatriation of an Azeri murderer who was freed after arriving home, the head of the self-government of ethnic Armenians said.
Human Rights Watch
Hungary: Constitutional Change Falls Short
Recent changes to the Hungarian constitution do little to address concerns set out by the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. The changes leave in place provisions that undermine the rule of law and weaken human rights protection.
How to
Hungarian Goulash
The recipe that I am sharing today is a simple dish that my mother made and I now I make for my family. It is called Hungarian Goulash. I honestly have no idea where she got the recipe, where it came from or how authentically “Hungarian” it is, but this is what it was called, and I’m sticking with it! And chicken paprikash
No profit
Hungary's PM Plans Bill Banning Profit at Household Utilities
The Hungarian government, facing elections next year, will draft legislation to ban utilities from making profits, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. Hungary's utility sector is mostly foreign owned, with the biggest players including Germany's RWE AG (RWE.XE) and E.ON AG (EONGY).
Hungary's Government: Imperfect, but not undemocratic
Since the government of Viktor Orbán took power in Budapest in 2010, Hungary has reached near-pariah status in Europe, at least judging by its harsh condemnations by Western politicians and journalists. Nonetheless, an honest look at Orbán’s government reveals that while it has flaws and some of its economic policies are ineffective, fears of liberal democracy’s collapse in Budapest are exaggerated.
The new ethics textbook for Hungarian fifth graders
What can one say about the newly introduced ethics textbook for Hungarian fifth graders? For starters, it is not, strictly speaking, an ethics text.  Ethics is not a branch of religion, and being ethical is not the same as following the law or adhering to societal norms. So a textbook that lauds religious virtues and advocates unquestioning civil obedience doesn’t belong in an ethics class.
Budapest to receive $22 million Holocaust memorial center
Budapest will erect a $22 million memorial at a train station from which many Hungarian Jews were deported during the Holocaust. Janos Lazar, the Hungarian prime minister’s chief of staff, said the memorial will feature an educational center and will be opened by spring next year at Budapest’s Jozsefvaros train station, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported.
Rain of money
Hungarian central bank launches new stimulus
Hungary central bank will impel up to 2 trillion forints into the weak economy to provide inexpensive loans and it will cut interest rates to businesses, betting on a continued inflow of capital into the domestic markets.
Hungarian Inflation Slows to 39-Year Low
Hungarian inflation was the slowest in more than 39 years in August as government-mandated cuts in household energy costs reined in price growth. Consumer prices rose 1.3 percent from a year earlier after a 1.8 percent increase in July, the Budapest-based statistics office said.
The Hungarian Versailles
The main attraction is in the middle of town and it is so big that you simply can’t miss it: the Esterháza. This Rococo palace of the Esterhazy family was built in the 18th century. What was once a hunting lodge, became one of the grandest palaces of Hungary.
Health care
Exodus of Hungarian doctors jeopardises Hungary's healthcare
Hungarian doctors are well known for their hardworking attitude and dedication, but low wages and poor funding mean thousands are leaving the country to earn better salaries abroad, leaving their own country's healthcare system floundering.
Freedom war
Hungary’s PM tells banks, big businesses: ‘Colonisation over’
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stepped up his rhetoric against banks and big multinational firms on Monday, telling parliament that the era of “colonisation” and high profits was over. “Hungary is an independent, sovereign country,” Orban told the opening session of parliament.
Romania 3, Hungary 0 – the political overtones
A pro-government paper criticizes The New York Times for overemphasizing the tension caused by extremist Hungarian fans, or ultras, without reporting on similar incidents on the Romanian side. Football and its fans: The Romanian-Hungarian game
Hungarian club punished for racism
European football's governing body UEFA punished Hungarian club Budapest Honved following recent cases of racism. Honved have been ordered to play their next three European home game behind closed doors, with one game coming from the revocation of a suspended sanction against the club dating back to 2008.
Loan war
Hungary ruling party gives ultimatum to banks on fx loans
Hungary's ruling party gave an ultimatum to banks on Thursday to cut the burden of foreign currency mortgage holders by November and said if they fail to do so, the government will step in with a plan to get rid of the loans. Hungary PM: Banks Should Bear Cost of Eliminating Forex Mortgages
Counting the voters
Hungary seeks new voters abroad to shape elections at home
Hungary's next national election could be influenced by voters who have never lived here. And the ruling party is counting on that working in its favor. For the first time, ethnic Hungarians living abroad will have the right to vote in Hungary’s national elections next year. The government says that 480,000 people have applied for citizenship, and thousands have registered to vote, after a 2010 law allowed non-residents with Hungarian ancestry to become citizens and participate in national elections.
Proposal to ban
Dispatches: Hungary’s War on the Homeless
A ban on dumpster diving. Fines for picking up discarded items in the streets. Proposals for homeless-free zones. Hungary’s ‘war on the homeless’ appears to be picking up steam.
For travelers
Explore the distinct charm of cities in Hungary
Surrounded by countries like Austria, Serbia and Ukraine; the European country of Hungary packs a perfect punch with its distinct delicacies, language and food. The country confidently standing at the crossroad of continent of Europe has a wealth of geographical and cultural attractions that make it interesting for travellers.
Egypt Releases Hungarian Swan Suspected of Being Used to Spy
Egyptian officials on Wednesday allowed a Hungarian swan to continue on its migratory flight after capturing the bird last week on the suspicion that its GPS tracking apparatus was being used to spy.
Hungary to further lower utility tariffs
Hungary’s government will carry out the next reduction of utility tariffs for households on 1 November, said János Lázár, state secretary at the helm of the Prime Minister’s Office. Lázár told that household utility tariffs will be lowered by 10% as of 1 November.
Hungary Armenians Ask Govt. About Safarov on Anniversary
The community leadership of Armenians in Hungary has asked Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics in a public letter whether Hungary has turned to any international forum since the repatriation of Azeri officer Ramil Safarov a year ago. Safarov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing an Armenian officer in his sleep in Budapest in 2004, was transferred back to his home country on August 31, 2012 under an extradition agreement. Although Azerbaijan formally pledged that the life sentence handed down to him in Hungary would be directly continued when he was returned to his homeland, the Azerbaijani president granted him a pardon and formally recognized him as a “national hero” upon his arrival.
Budapest drops plans to name street for anti-Semitic writer
Disputes over the plan to name the street for Cecile Tormay, a Hungarian writer who died in 1937, had become “too sharp,” Mayor Istvan Tarlos was quoted as telling the Hungarian MTI news agency. In June, Tarlos ordered a re-examination of the City Council’s decision to recognize Tormay after the World Jewish Congress and the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities, or Mazsihisz, protested the decision.
Former Bayern Munich coach Pal Csernai dies at 80
Pal Csernai, a Hungarian who coached Bayern Munich to a couple of Bundesliga titles in the early 1980s and later led North Korea's national team, has died. He was 80.
Hungary Thanks Horthy Despite Holocaust
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Sándor Lezsák attended this weekend's ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of Horthy's reburial on Hungarian soil. "The reburial was a historic compensation," the Fidesz politician said. Lezsák recalled the admiral as a hero.
Still Report 95 - Hungary Rejects the EU
"Hungary is pulling away from the European Union. It recently booted the IMF out of Hungary after it made the last payment on its IMF loans. It has decided not to abandon its national currency in favor of the Euro, but it still has a long way to go to completely escape the clutches of the bankers."
Hungary Hosts Europe’s Largest Jewish Festival Amid Concerns
As many as 100,000 visitors from around the world are expected to attend the 16th Hungarian Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest, Europe's largest cultural event of its kind. The nine-day Festival, which ends September 2 and is supported by churches, comes despite concern over rising antisemitism in the country.
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