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Hungary in the News
Half of Hungarian Parents Expect their Children to Work Abroad
Almost half of all Hungarian parents believe their children could be tempted to seek work abroad as the country continues to struggle against high unemployment in the 15 to 24 age range, according to a new poll.
Thousands of ethnic Hungarians rally across Transylvania, calling for territorial autonomy
The Civic Cooperation Forum, which organized the demonstrations, said it would send a petition to the European Union and the Romanian government to call for the cause of Szekler autonomy to be taken into consideration. Transylvania was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until after World War I, when the ethnic Romanian majority in Transylvania created Romania.
Bitter battle ahead
“With him or without him?” The man in question is Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, who has dominated politics more than anybody since Janos Kadar, who led the country for 32 years before the collapse of communism.
Hungary Kept Rated Junk With Negative Outlook by S&P on Growth
Hungary’s credit rating was affirmed at non-investment grade with a negative outlook by Standard & Poor’s, which cited “weak” growth prospects and high debt.
Hungary’s political parties remember anti-Soviet revolution but focus on 2014 elections
“There is no need to rush but slowly and surely we to have to start up the machinery and get our forces ready for battle, just like we did in 2010,” Orban said. “Get ready, now we can finish what we started in 1956.”
It lasted less than three weeks, from October 23 until November 10, but the Hungarian Revolution that convulsed Budapest and the rest of Hungary in late 1956 sent shock waves through eastern and central Europe that reverberated for decades. More than a few historians, in fact, cite the popular revolt as the first crack in the Cold War’s vast Iron Curtain. Striking Photos Of 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Orban show of force eclipses Hungary opposition demo
A Hungarian opposition rally on Wednesday fell well short of organisers' expectations and was dwarfed by an imposing counter-demonstration by some 200,000 supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungarian PM invokes spirit of 1956 uprising at mass rally --- Hungary Remembers 1956 Revolution Amid Election Tensions
Hungary launches PR blitz to combat extremist image
Armed with a powerful New York public relations outfit and a pledge to commemorate the mass deportation of Hungarian Jewry, the Hungarian government is preparing to challenge what it says is an inaccurate image of a country lax in confronting home-grown extremism.
The Comandante of Budapest
Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, probably wouldn't much like the comparison, but in some ways, his policymaking is reminiscent of a Latin American leftist ruler, managing his country in the spirit of classic textbook populism.
A Cozy One-Pan Wonder
Saucy Hungarian Red Potato Goulash, Like A Warm Blanky For The Soul
When I think back to some of the most memorably cozy dishes from my childhood, two dishes in particular come to mind for me.
Former anti-Semitic Hungarian leader now keeps Shabbat
Last year, Csanad Szegedi, former no. 2 of far-right Jobbik party, called on Hungary to protect itself from Jews. Then he learned he had Jewish roots and has become enamored with Judaism ever since.
Social critic
An Opera Fights Hungary’s Rising Anti-Semitism
Ivan Fischer is best known as a first-class conductor whose Budapest Festival Orchestra has entranced audiences worldwide. Last week, Mr. Fischer took on a new role — social critic — when the orchestra gave the premiere of an opera he had composed as a rebuke to what he and others see as growing tolerance for anti-Semitism in today’s Hungary. 91% of Hungarian Jews say anti-Semitism up
Quality of football
The Netherlands 8, Hungary 1
Hungary’s number one football commentator believes the crushing defeat of the selected team in Amsterdam faithfully reflects the poor quality of Hungarian football.“The last time Hungary made it to the World Cup was in 1986, and the manager had to resign because of the team’s pathetic performance”, Iván Hegyi recalls.
Salesian brother executed by communist regime in 1953 beatified in Hungary
A brother from the Catholic order of the Salesians of Don Bosco was beatified Saturday, 60 years after he was executed by Hungary's communist regime.
Hungary's Wage Growth Accelerates In August
Average gross earnings at corporations employing at least five persons, and budgetary and designated non-profit institutions increased 4.7 percent on an annual basis in August, after rising 2.1 percent in July and 3.7 percent in June.
Hungarian former communist minister charged with war crimes
Hungarian prosecutors said Wednesday that a former communist minister has been charged with war crimes related to reprisals against civilians after the anti-Soviet revolution of 1956.
Hungary’s Ruling Party Condemns Far-Right Antisemitism
Hungary's ruling Fidesz party on Tuesday, October 15, condemned a legislator of the influential far-right opposition for using "anti-Semitic "rhetoric" in relation to the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Year.
Way of view
The So-Called ‘Criminalization’ Of Homelessness In Hungary
The international media is abuzz again. This time it’s about the parliament’s new legislation on homelessness. But before the legalese, a more basic question: How inhumane is it really to pass a law that discourages the poor from sleeping rough on the streets and encourages them to take shelter provided by the state?
A Tagore-Hungary love story
I almost thought the glossy Hungarian Tourism brochure was custom-written for our visiting Indian group. The introduction to the country began by quoting a celebrated Indian writer-poet. “I have seen almost all the countries of the world but I saw nowhere such a beautiful harmony of the sky and the water than that I had the privilege to enjoy on the shore of Balatonfured filling my soul with rapture.” It was Rabindranath Tagore.
Exploring Budapest, Hungary
The stunning architecture of this unique city is the reason why Budapest got nickname “Paris of the East”.  In 1987 Budapest was added to the  UNESCO World Heritage List.
Hungary scores low on happiness
Hungary ranks 110th, behind Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bangladesh and Laos in the listings of countries put together in the UN’s latest World Happiness Report. Hungary also scored poorly in perceptions of freedom to make life choices.
Hungary's Orban wins rare praise for smoking ban
Hungary's combative Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a rare international tribute on Tuesday as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised his efforts to clamp down on smoking, AFP reported. "Orban is a good man who had the courage to take on the tobacco industry and protect his citizens' health," WHO head Margaret Chan said in a ceremony in the Hungarian parliament, presenting Orban with a certificate of special recognition.
Hungarian Composer Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt was a Hungarian virtuoso pianist and composer. He studied and played at Vienna and Paris and for most of his early adulthood toured throughout Europe giving concerts. His virtuosity earned him approbations by composers and performers alike throughout Europe.
Croatia issues Interpol arrest warrant for CEO of Hungary's MOL
Croatia issued an Interpol arrest warrant for the chief executive of Hungarian energy group MOL, Zsolt Hernadi, on bribery charges. Hungary Rejects Croatian Arrest Warrant Against Mol CEO Hernadi
HUNGARIAN capital is a city of two halves
When you visit brilliant, bubbling Budapest you get two cities in one - Buda and Pest. The two courses of this delicious Hungarian feast are divided by the wide waters of the River Danube and you will love sampling all the delights available.
Dress code
Hungarian Students Go Topless to Protest Mini Skirt Ban
A group of university students in Hungary have gone topless after being told they were not allowed to wear miniskirts, heavy make-up or low-cut tops. The protest, during a lecture, was in response to a new dress code introduced earlier this week by Kapsovar University in southern Hungary. As well as banning women from wearing revealing clothing, men were also told they had to wear dark suits.
Hungary: Pork and Paprika
Let’s start with a biggie, then – paprika. The flavour of Hungary; the pepper that has an earthen depth of flavour and a sun-baked quality that sets it apart from others. Hungarian paprika is considered the best in the world.
Hungary recognizes involvement in Holocaust, vows to fight anti-Semitism
“We know that we were responsible for the Holocaust in Hungary. We know that Hungarian state interests were responsible,” Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Tibor Navracsics said at the opening session of “Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism,” a two-day international conference in Budapest sponsored by the Tom Lantos Institute.
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